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Exploratory, Core, and Essential Courses

At FJHS, we have three different categories of courses for students to take in their schedules.  First and foremost, the Core courses that a student takes are the required courses that are part of their “core” academic skills.  The next category of courses are considered Essential courses and are also required as part of the student instructional sequence.  Lastly, students are given the opportunity to select Exploratory courses of their preference to “explore” various interests and gain exposure to a variety of topics.  The sixth grade Exploratory courses are NOT optional for students and are required.

The main difference between Core and Essentials courses are that the Essentials teachers are not apart of the Core academic team and instead teach a wider variety of students within the building.  However, both are graded the same and are required in a student’s schedule.  Exploratory courses are up to student choice and are also graded using the M, P, or N performance level marks found in the FJHS Grading and Reporting Policy. 

Below is a listing of all courses by category offered at FJHS (listed alphabetically)

Core Courses


  • English Language Arts 6
  • English Language Arts 7
  • English Language Arts 8
  • Math 6
  • Math 7
  • Math 8
  • Science 6
  • Science 7
  • Science 8
  • Social Studies 6
  • Social Studies 7
  • Social Studies 8

Essential Courses


  • Computer Applications 7
  • Healthy Living 7
  • World Language I

Exploratory Courses

Listed by department



  • Art 8
  • Art 7
  • Introduction to Art 6

Computers and Technology


  • Digital Photography
  • Introduction to Computers 6
  • Web Design
  • Animation
  • Computer Programming
  • Game Design
  • Video Editing
  • Yearbook 8

English Language Arts


  • Creative Writing 
  • Myths and Legends 
  • Speech
  • Theater 
  • Money Management
  • Successful thinking and problem solving



  • 6th Grade Band
  • 7th Grade Band
  • 8th Grade Band

Phystical Education


  • Advanced Conditioning 8
  • Lifetime Sports 7
  • Physical Education 6
  • Physical Education 7
  • Physical Education 8



  • Astronomy
  • Beginning Forensic Science 
  • Michigan Wildlife
  • STEM Exploratory Science

Social Studies


  • American Battles and Bravery
  • Heroes and Villains in History 
  • Medieval Knights 
  • Global Issues

World Language


  • World Languages 6
  • World Languages I (7*)
    *requires approval of 6th grade HR teacher
  • College Prep World Language II (8**)
    ** upon completion of WL I in 7th grade