Fowlerville HS Seniors 2018

Important Dates

  • Nov 9th - Senior Assembly - 3rd hour
  • Nov 28th & 29th - Order your graduation stuff at lunches
  • Dec 1st - Senior ads due
  • Jan 16th - Senior pictures due
  • Jan 26th - FHS 1st semester ends
  • April 21st - Prom
  • April 27th - Senior meeting and graduation letters - 1st hour PDF DocumentLetter Mailed 4/30/18
  • May 24th - Senior exams 4, 5, 6 - TRACTOR DAY
  • May 25th - Senior last day - exams 1, 2, 3 - ½ day
  • June 1st - Graduation practice 7:30 AM. MANDATORY
    Grad Gauntlet - immediately following graduation practice seniors will be asked to try on their graduation caps and gowns to make sure they fit.  Afterwards the entire SENIOR class will participate in the GRAD GAUNTLET. This is where the seniors parade through each of the school buildings saying goodbye to past teachers, getting high fives from younger students and remembering the path they took to get to graduation.  The other school's hallways will be lined with students, teachers, banners and music.  All students are expected to participate and should only take about 45 minutes.  
  •  June 3rd - Graduation - 2:00 PM.
  • June 3rd - Lock in -
  • THE TASSEL WAS WELL WORTH THE HASSLE!  The FHS Senior Class of 2018 will be hosting Lock-In on June 3-4.  Seniors allowed to attend should arrive by 10 pm and be ready for a night full of inflatables, tournaments, games, fun, caricatures, palm readings, a hypnotist, prizes, great food and friends!  Those interested in competing in euchre, volleyball or basketball tournaments should sign up the week of May 21-25.  Students can also sign up May 21-25 to create a variety of custom art projects! If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Collins or Nicole Hart at the high school.
  • Class of 2018 Lock-In:  Parents interested in donating food or time, or willing to let us borrow yard games for the Senior Lock-In need to access the page for the event. The Lock-In will be held at the high school on June 3-4
    It's really easy!
    1.  Go to our page -
    2.  Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like If you have problems signing up, please contact Nancy Collins ( or Nicole Hart (   Thank you in advance for your willingness to help!

Senior Picture Information for Yearbook

Hopefully you and your child have made the arrangements for senior portraits to be taken.  In order to make that happen as smoothly as possible, we have provided all necessary information regarding senior pictures.

You can have your senior pictures photography done at any studio.  However, with the influx of digital photography and amateur photographers, we are getting some disproportionate and discolored senior photos that do not reproduce well in the yearbook.  Just because someone owns a digital camera does not mean they take quality senior photos.  Please make sure you have your picture done by a reputable professional.  Local photographers who support the yearbook by purchasing advertising are:

Carrie Montrose Photography, Studio M Portraits, Ignited Photography, Kayla’s Shots by Design, Patterson Photography,  Frazinni Photography,  Brian Blostica Photography, Melinda Hope Photography, and SBS Photography.

Please look in the advertising section of this year’s yearbook for contact information.  There are other professional photographers in the area as well, and pricing can be obtained from them.

Here are the specifications photographers need:

  • Color:  Color or Black and White
  • Props/Hands:  Acceptable in photos
  • Background:  Any
  • Digital File Format:  minimum of 300dpi, JPEG or TIFF
  • Head Size:  1-1 ½ inch from top of hair to chin
  • Overall Photo Size:  4 x 4 Or 4x5 inches
  • Sample size and shape picture for the yearbook

Photographers should submit digital photos on CD or through email (preferred) at:  If the picture is emailed, a return email confirmation will come back within 48 hours.  If you do not receive an email, the picture did not go through.

All Senior portraits are due by January 16, 2018.

For the class composite, if your child does not send in a head and shoulder shot for the yearbook, please send in one labeled COMPOSITE to be used.  (The class composite is the pictures you see in the hallways of the graduating seniors from year to year). These are traditional head and shoulder portraits.

If you plan on having your child use their school picture for the yearbook photo, please fill out the following info below and return it to the office by January 16, 2018, or email the yearbook staff. 


Student Name: 

(Check)  My child will use his senior school picture for yearbook picture and will not be turning in a separate senior picture.

PDF DocumentSenior Picture
PDF DocumentSenior Ad

Senior Yearbook Ads

Dear Parents of Seniors,

The yearbook staff would like to give you the opportunity to purchase a section in the back of our 2017-2018 yearbook in order to send a special message to your son/daughter.  In your message, you can congratulate your child on his/her graduation, send encouraging words for the future, or just express how proud you are of him/her.  You may also choose to include a picture or two (senior, baby, childhood, etc.).  You can make your child’s senior year even more memorable with a personalized message in his/her yearbook.  The deadline to submit your order is December 1st, 2017.  The yearbook staff did have to turn parents away last year because we had too many ads and not enough space.  The sooner you send in your information and payment, the better.  Please return the bottom of this sheet with a check payable to Fowlerville Community Schools or cash.  Also, make sure that your child’s first and last name is on the back of the picture if you wish for it to be returned to you.  Digital photos in JPEG format are preferred, recommended, and can be emailed at the address below.  Wallet sizes of senior photos are acceptable.

AD Prices:

  • 1/8      AD with 1 picture:                  $45.00
  • 1/4      AD with 1-2 pictures:             $80.00
  • 1/2      AD with 1-4 pictures:             $140.00

Please return the bottom portion of this form to the HS office by December 1st, 2017, with payment.  Pictures and message can be included or can be emailed to

Thank you,

Mrs. Hardenbrook and the 2017-18 Yearbook Class

PDF DocumentSenior Ad form